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Thermal Resort

Kirsten by one of the hot springs. Very hot in there

Bad Gastein is one of the few real thermal resorts. Here are natural warm springs to be used in the wellness areas of the different hotels.

Bad Gastein is world famous because of these springs. Through centruries the springs have been considered healthy and relieving in relation to a lot of diseases. The speciality of the water is its very high concentration of socalled nobel gasses.

It is said that the water trickling out from different warm springs have been on their way through different layers of rock for 3600 years. A little bit thougth-provoking that your thermal water perhaps fell as snow 1600 years B.C.

We feel very proud and are very pleased because of our pool and wellness area at Schillerhof. But we must also admit that if you really want to be astonished by sumptuous luxury at least two places must be visited during your stay in Bad Gastein.


Felsentherme Felsentherme must be one of the most completely advanced thermal baths in the Alps. Here are heated outdoor pools (+36º C), Turkish bath, Finnish saunas, waterfalls, flow channels and a 1000 m² large spa department.

Felsentherme uses the special thermal water in all pools. And they use a lot of it, as all the water in the different pools is renewed every day. In this way more than one million litres of warm spring water is pouring through the different bassins every day. It means that you are completely free for chlorine and other chemicals. Having a bath in so fresh water is quite an extraordinary experience.

During the season 2004-2005 they spent more than 13 million Euro rebuilding the old famous bath, which is blast into the rocks (felsen = rocks). We really can recommend you to visit the place. It is something quite different seen nowhere else!

Felsentherme is situated just across the street in front of the railway station and the Stubnerkogel lift.

Gasteiner heilstollen

Heilstollen There is another possibility - and even more spectacular. It is the health attraction called Gasteiner Heilstolen. "Heilstollen" is an old German word, which kan be best translated into "healing cave".

Heilstollen is a tunnel system, and a special train takes you 2.5 km into the mountain, where the warmth and humidity elevate the bodys temperature to 38 oC, which increases the uptake of radon. Radon is one of the noble gases, which accelerates cell metabolism through its short-wave rays.

There is an opportunity to experience the Heilstollen for yourself. Informative Sneak In Visits take place twice a week (Tuesday and Thursday in the winter and Tuesday and Friday in the summer). Book your place (reservations are required) and give it a try - you willl be amazed!

We can only recommend a visit - it is a very special experience. You willl find Heilstollen near the town called Böckstein - between Bad Gastein and Sport Gastein.



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